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Resetting TurningPoint Cloud Session Data Files with Conflicting Participant Lists

The Issue

The Issue

Some instructors have reported that students who have visited the UWM HelpDesk and received confirmation that they are "class ready" for clicker participation are still receiving a "zero" score in the clicker session data that is exported to D2L.  

  • In these cases, no students should receive a score of zero because the instructors have set the clickers PowerPoint slides to award credit for both correct and incorrect answers.  
  • Absent students or students not clicking would receive a "dash" as a place holder in the D2L gradebook.
  • The steps below outline why some students who are correctly participating with clickers might receive a score of "zero."

The Cause

The Cause

Turning Technologies has recently discovered that this issue can arise when there is a discrepancy between the participant list downloaded onto the computer the clickers session is associated with during the presentation (typically a UWM classroom podium computer), and the participant list downloaded to the computer from which the session file is exported to D2L (usually a personal office or home computer).

  • Typically the participant list on the podium computer is not updated after it is initially downloaded
  • Conversely, the participant list on an instructor's personal office or home computer is updated every time a session data file is exported to D2L.  This is important because it allows data from students who were not initially set up with clickers to now be recorded.
  • The discrepancies between the two participant lists (the updated list vs. the originally downloaded and out of date list) may cause some students to receive a score of "zero" even when they are properly set up for clicker use and are actively participating with clickers in class.
  • The suggested best practice is now for for all instructors to run their clickers PowerPoint Polling presentations with "Auto" selected instead of a specific participant list, and to associate their session data files with the appropriate participant list afterward on their personal office or home computers.  ***Due to this known issue, It is recommended to always export to D2L from the same computer!
  • The steps below outline how to "reset" session data files that have already been associated with conflicting participant lists so that they can be exported to D2L and student scores can be correctly recorded.

The Solution

If you have already imported session data files with conflicting participation lists into your TPC dashboard, complete the following steps to reset the data files and export them into D2L again.  This time all students who were correctly using their clickers will receive the score they should have earned.

Step 1: Drag the session files from the participant list to "AUTO"

Step 1: Drag the session files from the participant list to "AUTO"
  1. Open TurningPoint Cloud and click the Manage tab.
  2. Expand the participant list with the session data file that needs to be reset from the left panel.
  3. Select the appropriate session and drag and drop it into the Auto list.  This should reset the data files.

Step 2: Drag the session files from "AUTO" back to the participant list

Step 2: Drag the session files from "AUTO" back to the participant list
  1. Next, expand Auto from the left panel.
  2. Select the same session file and drag and drop it back into the appropriate participant list for your class.
  3. The session is now reset and properly linked to the participant list on your computer and is ready for editing or export into D2L.

*It is still a best practice to always update the participant list before exporting to D2L.

**It is now recommended as a best practice to always export session data files from the same computer!

Re-Export session data files into the D2L Gradebook

Re-Export session data files into the D2L Gradebook

When you re-export the session data files into the D2L Gradebook, the new data will override the scores in the originally exported grade item.

NOTE: If you renamed the grade item that you originally exported once it was in the D2L Gradebook, a new grade item will be created and both will exist in your D2L Gradebook.  Simply delete the original if you are satisfied with the newly exported scores.  

  • If you manually entered some grades, you will have to also manually enter them in the new grade item unless the resetting resolved the original problem you were correcting with manually entering grades.
  • If you changed the number of points that the grade item is worth in the D2L Gradebook, you will have to do so again in the new grade item.


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